Dore/Door/Dorr Genealogy
Dore/Door/Dorr Genealogy

Welcome to Dore/Door/Dorr Genealogy Home!

This site is dedicated to the exchange of information regarding the Dore/Door/Dorr family of New England. This family's American heritage began with Richard Dore in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and later generations extended our roots throughout a large area encompassing New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts.


We are fortunate in that several people have already researched the history of the Dore family. The work of some of these researchers is referenced in the pages that follow.


Present-day researchers are encouraged to explore this site and to contact me with information, ideas, and feedback. It is only through our efforts that the rich history of this great New England family can be recorded for future generations. Thanks for your interest and support.

What's New?

The new site is still under construction, so please be patient as new material is being posted regularly. If you have material that you'd like to share with fellow researchers, please contact me and let me know what you have available to share. Thanks!


I've added a number of new cemeteries to the "Virtual Cemetery" section.


Several new biographies are being added in the "Biographies" section.


We're Back Online!
The Dore Genealogy site is finally back online. I hope to regularly add new content, and would welcome contributions of photos and other content from fellow researchers.

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